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This section describes who is eligible to enroll in County-sponsored benefits and the circumstances under which you may enroll in the plans.

Employee Eligibility

The benefits for which you are eligible as an employee depend on a range of factors, including:

  • Your bargaining unit (for example, determines your medical plan design)
  • Your status as a County of Alameda Manager (for example, determines your eligibility to purchase Supplemental Life Insurance benefits)
  • The number of hours you work (for example, determines the amount of the County’s contribution toward your Medical and Dental plan coverage)

Refer to your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Salary Ordinance or contact the Employee Benefits Center (EBC) for more information about the benefits for which you may be eligible.

Dependent Eligibility

Dependent Eligibility Criteria

You may choose to enroll individuals who meet the definition of an "eligible dependent" in a member plan in which you participate. Your eligible dependents are generally defined as follows:

  • Your spouse/domestic partner
  • Your children, including young adult dependents up to age 26, defined as your biological children, stepchildren, adopted children, children placed for adoption with you, domestic partner children, those for whom you have legal guardianship, and those children listed under the terms of a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO)
  • Your children, including dependents of any age with a mental retardation or physical handicap who are incapable of self-sustaining employment as a result of that handicap.

Young Adult Dependents. These are young adults, now eligible from age 19 up to age 26, who are dependents of the County employee as defined above. Marital status, student status and place of residence no longer impact eligibility. You can add Young Adult Dependents to your County coverage, as long as the proper documentation is provided to the EBC.

Domestic Partners. Your domestic partner who meets Alameda County's domestic partner criteria and his/her children who meet the eligible dependent criteria above are eligible for enrollment in a plan in which you participate. Completion of a County Domestic Partner Affidavit Form is required. Coverage is offered on an after-tax basis, and the County's portion of the cost is considered taxable income by the IRS. To add a new domestic partner, you must complete the required Domestic Partner Affidavit Form or submit a California State Affidavit.

Dependent eligibility criteria may vary by plan, and exceptions and/or additional requirements may apply. Contact the Employee Benefits Center (EBC) for specific information regarding your situation.

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Required Documentation

If you enroll a dependent meeting the eligibility criteria above, you must provide the EBC with the following along with a completed Document Certification Form:

Dependent Verification Documentation

For Your… Documentation Required
Spouse Original or photocopy of your certified marriage license.
Domestic partner The County's Domestic Partner Affidavit Form or California State Affidavit.
Dependent Children up to Age 26 A copy of the child's certified birth certificate with you, your spouse and/or your domestic partner registered as parent(s), or court-filed guardianship/adoption papers.

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