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Alameda County, CA,

Flood Control Division

Acting in its capacity as the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District), the Flood Control Watershed Planning and Flood Control Design Divisions are responsible for watershed planning and drainage studies, designing and preparing construction documents for implementing capital improvement projects, in the western portion of Alameda County.

The District, working with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), maps flood plains for the cities and unincorporated area and coordinates this activity with the Federal Government and local jurisdictions. It also uses rainfall and stream flow data to update and calibrate stream flow models and rainfall intensity statistics.

The Environmental Services Division assists the Flood Control Design Division in obtaining environmental clearance and permits for construction and maintenance projects. It also carries out mitigation monitoring projects that are required environmental conditions for construction of projects.

The Clean Water Division implements programs mandated by the Clean Water Act and required by the California Water Quality Control Board. Its objective is to improve water quality by means of comprehensive watershed management strategies.

The majority of the work in the Clean Water Division involves coordinating and supporting the work required to implement to National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit of the federal Clean Water Act within the Unincorporated Area and throughout Alameda County.

In addition to NPDES responsibilities, the Clean Water Division facilitates watershed and creek enhancement projects in the unincorporated areas of Alameda County; implements the requirements of the NPDES permit and facilitate watershed and creek enhancement projects throughout the Flood Control District; and administers the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program (ACCWP).

The Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program (ACCWP), established in 1991, ACCWP is a consortium of 17 member agencies (14 cities and three County agencies - two flood control districts and the unincorporated area) within Alameda County. The consortium jointly implements the NPDES permit. Together the agencies seek to improve water quality by curtailing stormwater pollution. ACCWP administers the NPDES permit for all 17 member agencies and undertakes projects that benefit all member agencies. For more information on ACCWP, visit the web site at, or call, 510/670-5543.

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