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Alameda County, CA,

Engineering and Transportation Division

The Engineering Department plans, promotes, designs, funds, and constructs transportation facilities for the unincorporated areas of Alameda County and flood control facilities throughout the entire Alameda County.

Two Divisions comprise the Engineering Department:

Engineering & Transportation Division and Flood Control Division


The Engineering and Transportation (E & T) Division is a full-service organization that provides services including Roadway Design, Traffic Engineering, Transportation Planning, and Surveying. The E & T Division is responsible for the development and implementation of the Agency's Five Year Transportation Capital Improvement Program (TCIP) for the unincorporated areas of Alameda County. Through the TCIP, the E & T Division implements projects that advance safety, congestion relief, rehabilitation of transportation infrastructure and multi-modal improvements to roadways and bridges.

Transportation Capital Improvement Program:

The Transportation Capital Improvement Program provides all services required for the planning, funding, design and construction of Transportation Capital Improvements. Transportation capital improvement projects are major projects which improve safety, extend the life of the existing infrastructure, provide congestion relief, allow multi-modal uses, and promote sustainability. Recent and on-going capital projects include the Vasco Road Safety Improvement Project, the Lewelling Boulevard Widening Project, the Stanley Boulevard Safety and Streetscape Project, and the Seismic Retrofit of our Estuary Bridges, Click here for current transportation project information.

Traffic Engineering Program:

The Traffic Engineering Program provides all Traffic Engineering services. Functions include design and operation of traffic signal systems, signing and striping, traffic control devices, traffic calming measures (e.g. speed humps, et al), radar speed studies, on-street parking restrictions, and the collection of traffic data.

County Surveyor Program:

The County Surveyor is responsible for examining all record documents such as tract maps, parcel maps, records of survey, and corner records. The County Surveyor also manages all of our records and Public Works Agency files. Other responsibilities include providing Survey support for Transportation and Flood Control Capital Projects, managing and preserving the County's survey monuments, reviewing and approving annexation maps for the Alameda County Local Agency Formation Commission.

Transportation Planning Program:

Transportation Planning participates in local, regional, and statewide transportation issues related to policies and funding. Transportation Plans such as Bicycle Master Plans and Pedestrian Master Plans are developed. Community outreach for safety programs is also a function of the Transportation Planning Program. A partial list of stakeholder agencies includes the following: ACTC - Alameda County Transportation Commission, BAAQMD - Bay Area Air Quality Management District, MTC - Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Caltrans - California Department of Transportation, and ABAG - Association of Bay Area Governments, FHWA - Federal Highway Administration.

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