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Alameda County, CA,

Prepare for Winter Storms

El Nino Flooding


Preparing For The Winter Storm Season:

  • Create an EMERGENCY PLAN for your family ( or
  • Assess storm/flood risk for your property
  • Schedule home repairs now (roofs, doors, windows)
  • Review, update or purchase flood insurance policies
  • Store emergency supplies (first aid kit, essential medicines, cash, food, non-electric can opener, portable radio, flashlights, and spare batteries) in air-tight bags and in handy locations
  • Clear drains and rain gutters to make sure they are clear of debris.
  • Inspect your property and maintain your drainage systems. Align downspouts.
  • Trim trees and landscaping as needed to ensure branches and limbs are away from your structure and powerlines.
  • Keep leaves and yard trimmings out of storm drains and gutters.
  • Install surge protectors on sensitive electrical equipment Turn off automatic sprinklers.
  • Don't store hazardous materials in areas that may be subject to flooding.
  • Purchase empty or pre-filled sandbags
  • Install sandbags to create temporary barriers as needed.
  • Sign up to receive road closure and storm impact emails through the Public Works Agency's website (

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