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Alameda County, CA,

Prepare for Winter Storms

El Nino Flooding


Preparing For A Pending Storm Event:

  • Track weather conditions
  • Keep your car fueled: if electric power is cut off, gas stations may not be operable.
  • Keep your cell phone charged. Have a car charger on hand.
  • Check your emergency supplies (first aid kit, essential medicines, cash, food, water, non-electric can opener, portable radio, flashlights, and spare batteries) and ensure they are in air-tight bags and in handy locations
  • Clear debris from storm drains. Keep a rake on hand to clear debris that may clog storm drains during rain storms.
  • Secure or remove items that can blow around.
  • Keep garbage cans and cars at least one foot from the curb to avoid blocking stormwater flows.

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