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Alameda County, CA,

Design Constraints & Guidelines

  • Enforcement efforts and traditional traffic engineering practices alone do not effectively modify motorist driving behavior
  • Bypass traffic avoiding designated collector or arterial roadways by using local roadways
  • Access for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized users
  • Preserving emergency vehicle access
  • Access for buses (AC Transit, Paratransit), trash collection, moving vans, and construction (private and public) equipment
  • The effect of the device upon street sweeping operations
  • Potential loss of on-street parking
  • Diversion of traffic to other nearby residential local and collector roadways
  • Increase in or concentration of noise levels due to the traffic calming device
  • Potential changes to community character (street lighting, loss of on-street parking, signage, and roadway surface and alignment)
  • Sight distance obstructions related to landscaping, fences, roadway alignment, etc. Appropriate recovery-area spacing between devices
  • The proximity to other calmed areas and intersections
  • Acceptance of property owners on adjoining and parallel roadways
  • Availability of funding for the installation of traffic calming measures
  • Timing of proposed improvements with respect to the on-going resurfacing program

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