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Well Data Search/Requests

Per Section 13752 of the California Water Code, information about wells is considered confidential in the State of California. Public agencies that possess well information can only release it under certain circumstances.

According to Section 13752 of the California Water Code,

"well information shall not be made available for inspection by the public, but shall be made available to governmental agencies for use in making studies, or to any person who obtains a written authorization from the owner of the well. However, a report associated with a well located within two miles of an area affected or potentially affected by a known unauthorized release of a contaminant shall be made available to any person performing an environmental cleanup study associated with the unauthorized release, if the study is conducted under the order of a regulatory agency. A report released to a person conducting an environmental cleanup study shall not be used for any purpose other than for the purpose of conducting the study."

If you meet the above criteria, you may request well data from the District by following this process:

  1. Select the appropriate Well Data Request form:
    • If you are completing an environmental investigation pursuant to an order from a regulatory agency or if you are a governmental agency performing a study, use a Governmental Agency Request for Well Data (PDF - 46kb)* (radius search). (Requires appropriate agency signature.)
    • If you are a well owner who would like the District to release well information, use a Well Owner’s Request for Release of Well Data (PDF - 41kb)*. This form is only for owners of well property(s). (Requires property owner’s signature.)
  2. Complete the appropriate Well Data Request form and sign it before you submit it. Requests from governmental agencies also require an agency signature before they are submitted.
  3. Send your form via mail, email, or fax to:

    Attn: Water Resources Section
    Alameda County Public Works Agency
    399 Elmhurst Street
    Hayward, CA 94544
    Fax: 510-782-1939

    Note: Some wells may not have been registered because of discontinued use before the District implemented well registration requirements. A field or aerial photo search may be needed to ascertain the presence of these wells.

    Well data requests may take up to 30 days or longer for the ACPWA Water Resources Section to process.

  4. To ensure that you obtain all the search data available, you should also submit a well data/study request to the State Department of Water Resources (DWR). Submit your request to the State DWR using their forms.

For more information on Well Searches from the State Dept of Water Resources see WHAT WELL OWNERS SHOULD KNOW and HOW TO REQUEST YOUR WELL COMPLETION REPORT (PDF - 32kb)*

Please visit State Department of Water Resources for more information.

* Portable Document Format (PDF) file requires the free Adobe Reader.

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