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Ward Creek Flood Control Improvements


Ward Creek (Line D) is a large man-made earth channel in the City of Hayward, adjacent to Industrial Parkway, that provides drainage for a 1,000 acre watershed. Line D joins other storm drainage channels near I-880 in an area that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has designated 100-year flood hazard area. Owners of the residential and commercial properties within the flood hazard area with federal backed mortgage loans, can be required by lenders to purchase flood insurance.

Floodwall improvements will minimize overtopping of the channel banks during large storm events and provide improved flood protection in the area. The floodwall improvements are being constructed in four (4) phases, pending the availability of construction funding. Phase 1, constructed in 2011, provided floodwall improvements for 3,400 linear feet of the Line D channel, between Industrial Parkway SW and Huntwood Avenue. Phase 2 of the floodwall improvements, anticipated to begin construction in June of 2015, between Huntwood Avenue and BART, will provide floodwall improvements along 1,500 linear feet of the Line D channel. The remaining phases of improvements will be designed and constructed as soon as revenues become available in the Flood Control Zone.

Once all four phases of the floodwall improvements and pump station improvements in the area are completed, the combined projects will provide improved flood protection to the local community and allow for the submittal of a Letter of Map Revisions (LOMR) application to FEMA. Upon approval of the LOMR by FEMA, the property owners within the existing floodplain will no longer be required to purchase flood insurance.

The Phase 2 improvements consists, in general, of construction of 3100 linear feet of floodwall, re-construction of existing storm drain pipe outfall structures, preserving 24 existing mature trees in good condition, removing trees that in poor condition or that conflict with improvements, removing and replacing the existing asphalt bike path, and planting 85 trees and 300 vines. Phase 2 work is anticipated to be completed by November 2015.


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