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Alameda County, CA,

May 6, 2014 – Dublin USD Special VBM Election


What's on the ballot?

Parcel Tax Measure

Measure Submitted To the Voters

Measure B

"Without increasing the existing tax rate and to maintain high quality education for all grades by sustaining academic achievement in math, science, reading, writing, and utilizing technology; supporting engineering/medicine/biotechnology academies; attracting/retaining highly qualified teachers; and maintaining school libraries, current instructional materials/technology, shall the Dublin Unified School District renew its expiring $96 parcel tax for five years, with a senior exemption, independent oversight, no money for administrators salaries and all funds staying in Dublin schools?"

List of Measures (PDF - 9kb) *

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Who is Eligible?

Voters who reside in these jurisdictions are eligible to vote in this Special Vote by Mail Election:

  • Dublin Unified School District

Polling Locations

Note: This is a Vote by Mail Election only. There are no Polling Places. Vote by Mail Ballots will be mailed out starting on April 7, 2014.

Dates to Remember

Description Date
First day to mail Sample Ballots Thursday,
March 27, 2014
Early Voting begins Monday,
April 7, 2014
Close of Voter Registration Period Monday,
April 21, 2014



List of Measures (PDF - 9kb) *

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