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Alameda County, CA,


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Photo of hands inserting ballot envelope in voting collection box.

Election Process

See the Alameda County Registrar Of Voters Election Process.

Election Process

Video capture shows a paper ballot.

Voting System

See what the ballot looks like. Learn how to mark and scan your ballot.

Voting System Demonstration (2.6Mb) *

3-minute presentation is in Flash format. Free Flash Player required.

Video capture shows 3 unregistered voters in anguish.
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Don't Get Caught In The VoterZone!!

Register to vote!! Don't be the voter whose vote could have made a difference. Your vote does matter!! Register to vote and don't get caught in the VoterZone!!

VoterZone Video (2.4Mb) *

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Video capture shows a voter arriving at an empty polling location.

We Need Your Help!!

You have the right to vote. But, will you have the opportunity? Volunteer to be a poll worker. Click the video below to learn more.

Volunteer To Be A Poll Worker (1.3Mb) *

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